Due to a lot of big life events/changes, we were unable to pull together a luncheon event like we did in previous years. The fundraiser concert is happening - see the event page for details.

hoto Credit:  Mitya Ku

Jane Ballard

Jane is an iOS developer and part-time restauranteur. Also a co-founder of NSCoder Night Los Angeles, she enjoys doing what she can to bring people together.

Website: janeylicious.com
Twitter: @janeylicious



Jaimee Newberry

Chief Operations Officer at MartianCraft.
formerly: UX+iOS design; @unprofesh @zappos @blackpixel

Website: jaimeejaimee.com
Twitter: @jaimeejaimee

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Brittany Young

Sleepy over-caffeinated daydreamer.
Product leader. UX obsessed. Mobile strategist. Coder.
Lots of hats.

Website: cocoabythefire.com
Twitter: @cocoabythefire